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An Army of Ex-Lovers: My Life at the Gay Community News

Boston's weekly Gay Community News was “the center of the universe” during the late 1970s, writes Amy Hoffman in this memoir of gay liberation before AIDS, before gay weddings, and before The L Word.

Provocative, informative, inspiring, and absurd, with a small circulation but a huge influence, Gay Community News produced a generation of leaders, writers, and friends. In addition to capturing the heady atmosphere of the times—the victories, controversies, and tragedies—Hoffman's memoir is also her personal story, written with wit and insight, of growing up in a political movement; of her deepening relationships with charismatic, talented, and sometimes utterly weird coworkers; and of trying to explain it all to her large Jewish family.

Memoir / Gay and Lesbian Studies
192 pp., 30 illus.
$22.95 paper, ISBN 978-1-55849-621-7
$80.00 library cloth edition, ISBN 978-1-55849-620-0
November 2007